Palekastro (Palaikastro)

Cavo Plako Villas is located very close to Palekastro (Palaikastro) of Sitia, Lasithi, a beautiful village of approximately 1,300 inhabitants, 18 km from the town of Sitia, Crete. The area of Palekastro is famous for its endless olive groves, as the cultivation of olive oil has deep roots in the area, and for the simplicity and friendliness of its inhabitants.

A walk in the scenic streets of Palekastro will take you back in time, and bring you into contact with the true “heart” and temperament of Crete. The place, beautiful, peaceful, and with fertile soil, is also “blessed” in terms of climate, which is semi-tropical, wonderful and mild all year round.

Palekastro (Palaikastro) is the ideal place for your stay, as it is within walking distance of an array of unique and untouched by mass tourism beaches, such as the beaches of Kouremenos, Chiona, Erimoupolis (Itanos), and also the unique in the world Vai with the famous palm grove surrounding it. Also, in the taverns of the area you will have the opportunity to taste the authentic Cretan traditional cuisine, prepared from the exceptional local organic products, such as the top-class virgin olive oil produced in the fertile land of Palekastro.

Kouremenos beach - A paradise for wind surfers

The famous all over Europe beach of Kouremenos is just a 2-minute drive from Cavo Plako Villas. It is a large beach about 1.5 km long with sand, pebbles and crystal-clear water.

What makes Kouremenos beach special is that its orientation, in relation to the winds blowing in the area, makes it ideal for wind surfing lovers. In fact, each year there are races held here for the European Wind Surfing Championship. On the beach there are two wind surfing schools, with experienced teachers who give wind surfing lessons to beginners as well as advanced ones, which are fully equipped with boards and sails for rent.

In any case, and regardless of whether wind surfing is an integral part of your holidays, or if you just want to experience a magnificent, unique beach, Kouremenos beach will enchant you!

Other beaches and attractions in the Palekastro (Palaikastro) area

Beyond the exceptional beach of Kouremenos, another well-known beach in the area is the beach of Chiona (or Hiona), located in the middle of a wonderful area full of olive groves, where you can enjoy delicious fresh fish and other fine seafood in the known taverns of the area. Chiona beach is just a 3-minute drive from Palekastro and Cavo Plako Villas, and, besides the main beach, it also features a cluster of beautiful small coves, offering more seclusion to those who prefer it.

Located 7 km from Palekastro, there is the famous, and outstandingly beautiful, centuries-old palm grove of Vai, the largest palm grove in Europe, along with its homonymous beach.

Very close to Vai, you will find the impressive Toplou Monastery, a beautiful and very old historical monastery, with exceptional religious treasures which are exhibited in a fine museum. In the monastery you can also taste the wonderful wines produced by the monks themselves from the vineyards with the rare varieties that are grown around the Monastery.

Finally, in the area you will find the ruins of the ancient city of Itanos, part of which is immersed in the sea after the devastating earthquake from the eruption of the volcano of Santorini in ancient times. Itanos, from the Minoan years and for many centuries, used to be one of the most powerful cities in Crete. Here you will also find the most beautiful unspoiled beach in the area of Palekastro (Palaikastro), and for many visitors one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, the beach of Erimoupoli or Itanos, with amazing crystal-clear water.